These are the most commonly asked questions

Do Schnauzers shed?

Generally speaking all dogs shed to some extent so the question really needs to be to what extent.  The simple answer is, very little.  My last dogs were Golden Retrievers and they are famous for the balls of tumble weed they send around the house everyday.  The Schnauzer is the polar opposite and you will struggle to find any hair in your home.  If a Schnauzer brushes past your legs you won't be left with a transfer of hair.

Do Schnauzers settle well with children?

Generally speaking, yes.  Like any dog, they need to be socialized at a young age with children and other pets.  The breed is actually renown for its ability to look after children.  Schnauzers will join in games enthusiastically but their boisterousness may be too much for toddlers. The breed earned the name ‘Kinder Watchers’ in Germany for their reliability as protectors of children and, as a guard dog and watchdog, the Schnauzer has few equals.

Are they difficult to train?

This is a difficult question to answer.  The breed is very intelligent and can be taught several new commands each week as a young dog.  They have a high drive to solve problems and love to learn as they play.  So to train a Schnauzer isn't difficult.  To get a Schnauzer to do as you ask when distracted is very challenging.  Our boy would do every trick going by 12 months old but once you got him on the park, recall was impossible at times.  He would run the length of the park to jump up a person or climb all over another dog.  We persevered, and now he is brilliant.  He doesn't run off, comes back on command and shows very little interest in other dogs now.  We can discuss the specific training techniques in more detail later.